Dragonborn male in chainmail armor of the Flameguard. He carries several javelins


1st level Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamet
14 STR +2 Diplomacy +7
16 CON +3 Heal +7
12 DEX +1 Insight +7
8 INT -1 Religion +4
15 WIS +2
15 CHR +2


It has been over 10 generations since the dragonborn have settled Flame’s Retreat. Many still see themselves as Flameguard. Myrno is a direct descendant of one of those soldiers. Physically he matured rapidly. It was always thought he would follow the path of the warrior. To everyone’s surprise he took the spiritual rout.
They say that Bahamet himself blessed Myrno, for shortly after joining the clergy, his breath weapon manifested. Not only was it one of the most power seen in a few generations, it was similar to the Lord of Dragons; a breath of frost! The leadership see a lot potential in him. He was sent upon the region to gain experience and bring greater glory to his family.
Myrno is still very young, and acts with the brashness of youth. Often not thinking before doing, he takes his role a protector and guardian very seriously, taking unnecessary risk to protect those under his charge.


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